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Corporate Benefit Retrieval

Our team possesses requisite experience required to make positive and lasting impact on our clients’ financial and investment plans, especially with respect to reconciliation of dividend due to shareholder, tracking and retrieval of unclaimed dividend and bonus shares. Our operation is hinged on robust IT infrastructures and skilled professionals that allow us to execute mandates in the best and most efficient manner that ensures seamless processing of transactions on behalf of our clients.

Our experience shows that Investors who in times past may have purchased shares through Initial Public Offerings (“IPOs”), Private Placements and even shares purchased on the floor of the Exchange but have not been able to monitor these investments are prone to have some of their investment benefits, such as dividend and bonus share not consolidated in their stockbroking accounts and bank accounts. This has made it pertinent for such investors to require the service of a professional to track these investments. QCAP provides its professional service in this regard, leveraging on our excellent relationship with Registrars to make the retrieval process seamless.

We have a working relationship with the Registrars and CSCS that enables us conduct global search of client’s investments in different stockbroking firms and Registrars for consolidation effective monitoring. Many investors may have purchased shares with different stockbroking firms (both active and in-active) but may have stopped relationship with the firms and could probably forget that they still have stocks in the firm.

One of the major essences of investment in the ordinary shares of an organization is the return on investment which could be in the form of capital appreciation or dividend. Dividends are payments made by company to its shareholders. Over the years, the value of these dividends remaining unclaimed in the books of these organizations are becoming alarming.
As of December 31, 2021, unclaimed dividends have increased to N180 billion, according to Mr. Lamido Yuguda, the Director-General of the Securities and Exchange Commission. This represents 5% of the total amount of dividends announced in the entire capital market.
QCAP is very efficient with a verified track records in reconciliation, tracking and retrieval of unclaimed dividend by leveraging on our excellent relationship with Registrars to make the retrieval process seamless.

The loss of a loved one is never an experience to relive.
A loss of this nature can be difficult and oftentimes without information for the transfer of their asset.
……. Not knowing what asset (cash, shares, pension, insurance, land, buildings etc.)
At Qualinvest Capital, we ensure that the legacy of a deceased loved one is preserved, by providing prompt and stress-free asset transfer to the defined beneficiaries.
We deliver prompt asset transfer services by helping you secure the following:
➢ Letters of Administration
➢ Grant of Probate
➢ Transmission of Shares
➢ Amendment of Grant
➢ Certificate of Additional Assets/Addendum

Procurement of Letters of Administration/Probate Grants: Our services extend to the procurement of Letters of Administration and Grant of Probate for Intestate and Testate, for the beneficiaries/administrator as they require an instrument of authority to claim the assets (shares and dividend) of the deceased. The service also covers retrieval of the deceased unclaimed shares and dividend.

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